New Clinical Trial For Mesothelioma Patients Offers Has High Hopes In Alternative Treatments

In hopes of searching for enhanced solutions for treating pleural mesothelioma, Baylor University’s School of Medicine offers a new mesothelioma clinical study that will test a new investigational drug for patient diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. The trial for diagnosed patients will focus on those whose cancer has progressed after chemotherapy.

At Baylor College of Medicine the new clinical trial will involve a drug that connects to the protein mesothelin, which can be found on some cancer cells. The investigational drug then will release chemotherapy to the diseased tumor in order to reduce or hopefully stop the growth of mesothelioma cancer cells.

The trial conducted will research the safety and how effective the drug is, the doctor and researchers will focus on individuals whose cancer shows no response to treatment with basic chemotherapy drugs used to treat mesothelioma, such as pemetrexed, a chemotherapy drug manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly and Company. Which is currently an FDA approved drugs for patients diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma or any non-small cell lung cancer.

The study is hoping highly for this drug

Baylor reports that 210 patients diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma will be enrolled in this study and each patient will receive the investigational drug every three weeks until their cancer progresses or develops very harmful side effects.

With the disease generally not being detected until it reaches Stage 3 or 4 has doctors and scientists limited for assisting with alternative treatment options.

It is very important for mesothelioma victims to find the right doctor who stays active in all the studies and treatments available to help provide a enhanced prognosis for patients diagnosed with this disease.

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